Join Us

Join Us

Our Ethos

We aim to provide a social centre of excellence in Mayfair reflecting the values of our maritime background.

Our goal is to be both welcoming and inclusive and to be our members’ home from home in the heart of London’s West End.


Membership of our Club is open to all those who will appreciate what the Naval Club has to offer. Individual, corporate and family memberships are available. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. June Aitken, Membership Secretary, on 0207 529 5601, or Commander Phillip Ingham, Chief Executive, on 0207 493 7672.

How To Join

If you would like to join our Club, please apply now. If you already know a member, please arrange for him/her to act as your proposer. If you do not know anyone, the Chief Executive can act as your proposer. The Membership Secretary will acknowledge receipt of the application within four working days and offer a tour, if required.


Annual subscriptions are collected by direct debit and the Membership Secretary will forward the necessary form.